10 ways to customize your ordinary watch into a statement piece

There are two categories of people when it comes to wristwatches: purists who swear it’s best to wear a watch as is, and those who prefer unique, personalized watches that they’ll never see on someone else. another.

If you fall into the second category or have a few old watches that you don’t want to throw away, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explore eight ways to customize your ordinary watch into a showpiece.

1. Leather watch band

The easiest and most effective way to give any wristwatch an unconventional new look is to replace the strap with a better option like leather. A leather cuff watch strap is much more comfortable than a metal strap because it stretches slightly to provide a better fit. Plus, it looks more formal and complements any outfit. Plus, as this Instructables tutorial from KentsOkay shows, you won’t need to have watchmaking expertise to customize your watch.

To match the standards of your new quality watch, check out these DIY Apple Watch charging stands you can easily build that can also be used with standard watches.

2. Fabric Watch Band Cover

Watches from fabric watch strap brands like Timex, Archer, and Ritche are undoubtedly amazing, but the price, well, not so much. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to own one, as you can always customize your watch at home with a fabric strap. And it’s a pretty simple project as you only need the fabric (4″ x 8″), sewing thread, snap fastener, pen, paper and a ruler, with a needle and a few pins. Check out the steps to complete this project on Instructables by kicking_k.


3. Scrap watch strap

Do you have a stash full of fabric that you want to reuse instead of throwing away? Sew some of the ends of the fabric together to create a watch strap that you will never see on anyone else. It’s also a great way to put that dress to good use that you love so much but is too worn out to wear. And you don’t need to be a seamstress to assemble it. Simply thread the scrap material through the lugs on the watch face and wrap it around your wrist. The best part? You can make as many scrap metal watch straps as you want, as shown by smith0crystal on Instructables.

4. Stylish Scarf Watches

With a simple toss and fold, basic to hood drape, there are endless ways to rock your favorite scarf, but the easiest way to make it stand out is to use it to personalize your watch strap, like did it Misel Saban at Trendhunter. Not only will you be able to show off your favorite scarf, but you’ll also turn your watch into an instant statement piece. It’s especially perfect if you struggle to find perfectly fitting watches because of your small wrist. Best of all, it’s removable, so you can always switch between scarves to create unique, chic and fashionable watches for your outfits.

5. Colorful watch band

If you like your watches and other accessories shiny and colorful, this DIY faux leather watch strap is as vibrant as it gets. And it’s made from leatherette strips, so its durability is beyond doubt. Like the other custom watch options on our list, it’s pretty easy to do. You won’t blow your budget either because, besides the watch face, you’ll only need seven leatherette strips (in your favorite colors) and a paperweight to hold them in place as you weave. , as well as end clasps and fixing clasps. Check out Emilia Lew’s tutorial at STEL to complete this project.

6. Make watch straps

Wrap bracelets are all the rage these days, but you don’t have to wear them the old-fashioned way. Turn your favorite wrap bracelet into a watch strap to kill two birds with one stone: you will have a unique wrap bracelet and a functional watch. The best part? You can update all the watch faces sitting in your jewelry organizer or use a watch face with different wrap bands to get the perfect color-coordinated look. Just follow this tutorial from Misty Spinney on Brit+Co to complete this project.

7. Sparkling Watch Band

Do you have a few watches that you rarely wear but want to put to good use by turning them into statement pieces for specific occasions like a girls’ brunch or your birthday? Using a sponge brush, generously cover the watch band with decoupage, followed by glitter, to transform your seldom-worn watch into an instant head-turner and a piece you’ll want to rock on every special occasion. Aniko shows us how to make this project like a pro in a few easy steps on her Place of My Taste blog.

8. Charm Watch Counterfeit

Why spend your hard-earned cash on a charm watch when you can easily make your own at home? Besides the watch face, you will need a thin belt, matching chains, charms, jump rings and a pair of lobster clasps, a hammer, a ⅛” punch, of rivets and this simple step by step tutorial on Flamingo Toes to make one.

The best part about this project is that you can use all the color combinations you want to create an imitation watch with inimitable charm that even Rolex will envy. Here are some other DIY smartwatch projects you can try.

9. Braided Watch Strap

Don’t want to wear a basic-looking watch but have little time and skills to make DIY watches? Simply tape the face of your watch you’re trying to customize to a sturdy surface, tie two pieces of string (25 inches long) around one of its legs, and start braiding. You will have an amazing and unique braided wristwatch with a rustic aesthetic. You can also use colored string. Check out this tutorial from Claire on Wrapped Up In Rainbows to complete this project.

10. Paracord Watch Strap

Want flashy bling on neutral or warm-coloured accessories? A DIY paracord watch strap will suit you perfectly. Paracords are available in almost any color, which means you can play with any color combination to turn your ordinary watch into an instant fashion statement. Paracords are also durable and can come in handy if you forget your tent lines and are camping miles away from civilization because all you have to do is undo the watch strap. Cukebook on Instructables shows us how to easily complete this project.

Personalize your watches

Long gone are the days when you had to throw away your wristwatch. Nowadays, you can easily customize the watch strap to create an entirely different and unique watch. And you don’t even have to spend a dime because, as noted above, you can reuse and customize almost anything, from scrap materials and scarves to string, in a watch strap. Feel free to get inspired by these ideas or just follow the tutorials to customize your ordinary watch into a showpiece.

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