Do-it-yourself homeowner transforms his bathroom for £250 by painting tiles – a ‘cheap fix’

Lauren, who documents her home improvement journey on Instagram and TikTok @laurenelizabeth_at home, recently remodeled her bathroom on a budget of £250. The West Yorkshire DIY fan shared her tips and tricks with, which included painting tiles, using a grout pen and using lino flooring.

She explained: “The bathroom wasn’t to our liking or style and it was something we discussed during the house buying process that we weren’t sure if we needed to. rip out and start over before moving in.

“However, we soon realized we needed a new boiler, so we realized we had to live with the bathroom. A few weeks into decorating the house, the rest of the house looked fresh and modern, and the bathroom was the only room that stood out.

“It was mainly due to the mosaic tiles that ran all around the bathroom, but we knew that by paying for a new heating system and having the bathroom working perfectly, we didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. do it, hence why we decided to do it on a tight budget.

Lauren explained that she gets most of her inspiration from social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest and creates mood boards.

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She said: “We are very happy with how it went and it was a very cheap solution to do.

“We knew lino was something we were going to change immediately, so I hopped on YouTube to learn how to adapt my own lino, finding it was actually super simple.

“We sourced the flooring from Online Carpets and it’s Marilyn 595 Herringbone. Our bathroom already had lino, so it was a simple process of using the original floor as a template for the new lino, then cutting it out and placing it on the floor.

“We used spray glue around the edges, making sure all the air was pushed out of the lino. I also silicone around the sink and the toilet as well as near the bathtub to make it waterproof.

“Silicone takes a bit of practice, but it’s very cheap to buy. It’s handy to do a few practice runs before doing it in your bathroom.

The bathroom renovation took Lauren three days, with a few hours of work a day to progress.

She added: “We are super pleased with the results, especially for the small budget used. We find the bathroom a super soothing place now and feel like it matches the rest of the house we love.

Cost allocation :

– Painting – £41.56 from Amazon.

– Flooring & Spray Adhesive – £55 at Online Carpets.

– Shower screen – £99 from PlumbWorld.

– Storage unit – £40 from The Range.

– Decor pieces – £20 from a mix of Amazon and Jysk.

– Total: £255.56.

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