How Yamato would get along with each of the Straw Hat Pirates.

A lot of A play hope that Yamato will join the Straw Hat Pirates on their adventures. His bubbly personality and raw power make him a good candidate for the crew. Additionally, she expressly stated her desire to go to sea with Luffy. Nothing is set in stone, but it seems likely that Yamato will find his way aboard the Thousand Sunny. At least for a little while.

If Yamato really spends a long period of time among the Straw Hats, it can lead to all sorts of story possibilities. Her potential interactions with individual crew members could result in anything from deep and meaningful conversations to ridiculous hijinx. Here’s an idea of ​​what life would be like aboard the Sunny between Yamato and each of the Straw Hats.

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Many fans already know what Luffy and Yamato have in common: Portgas D. Ace. They both knew him well during his lifetime, Luffy in particular, and fondly remember their time with him. This connection is also a big reason why Yamato was so eager for Luffy to reach Wano. However, they were only able to briefly discuss Ace when they first met. If Yamato ends up boarding the Sunny, it would be far from the last conversation they would have about him. They could even discuss him while drinking sake together, as Yamato had always hoped.


Yamato would also have a few things to say with Zoro. For one, he bears a striking resemblance to Shimotsuki Ushimaru, a samurai to whom she is indebted. Not only did he save her from starvation as a child, but he also helped her read Oden’s diary.

Another interesting thing about Zoro is his three-sword style. It’s reminiscent of Oden’s two-sword style. If Yamato wanted to, she could learn to master Zoro’s sword to get closer to her idol. It’s hard to imagine her losing her kanabō, but maybe she would get a second one or something.

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Nami would probably get along with Yamato the same way she gets along with all the other girls. She tends to connect quickly with girls and form sisterly bonds with them. She’s also compassionate enough to look past Yamato’s familial connection to Kaidō, even if it raises a red flag at first.

They could also go shopping together to change clothes. Although Yamato looks great in his current outfit, the Straw Hats tend to change outfits wherever they go. If she joined the crew, she would become a part of this trend.

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For how much Yamato gushed over her idol Oden, it’s clear she has a love for legends and old stories. With that in mind, she would be a perfect audience member for one of Usopp’s great God tales. She and Chopper would probably sit on the deck of the Sunny and listen to him talk about how he can sink warships and take down giants. Then they would be amazed to see all of these things happening hundreds of chapters later. There might even come a day when Yamato calls herself Usopp and fights for her like she did for Oden.


Yamato’s interactions with Sanji would depend on how hard she leans towards being Kozuki Oden. If she really preferred to be seen as a man, then Sanji would have to restrain her carnal desires and respect “her” pronouns. For Yamato’s beauty, it would drive him crazy. Alternatively, since Oden was a notorious womanizer, maybe they could both have a perv together on pretty girls.

More seriously, they both have similar family issues. They both hate their heritage because of their fathers. Whenever they are ready, they could discuss this on oden prepared by Sanji.

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Yamato and Chopper have the potential for all kinds of hijinx together. In one of the Straw Hats’ more lax moments, there might be a scene with the two locking their horns and antlers by accident. There might also be a tongue-in-cheek scene where a human-form Chopper rides Yamato’s animal form into battle.

Being other Zoan Devil Fruit users gives Chopper and Yamato similar upgrade options. Chopper could potentially develop Rumble Balls that allow Yamato to transform in all sorts of new ways, just like him. Yamato with his own Monster Point would be absolutely devastating.

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Yamato may wish to learn to read and write Robin’s ancient poneglyph language. It would bring her one step closer to being like Oden if she could learn that ancient language. It would also make her an asset to the Straw Hats.

Normally, Robin wouldn’t just give away the secret to reading the Poneglyphs. It’s probably because she understands how important a target can become by gaining this knowledge. However, she could trust Yamato to be strong enough to learn the language and handle anyone who chases her for the knowledge.

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Franky is the only other Straw Hat Yamato has encountered so far. He helped her, Momonosuke, and Shinobu get away from Sasaki of the Tobiroppo. In return, she knocks Hatcha out of Numbers. The two will have to thank each other properly once the dust has completely settled on Onigashima.

Besides that, Franky would probably like to hear Kozuki Oden’s story. Yamato, after reading and re-reading it, would be able to get all the emotional details needed to make Franky cry. He might even pull out his old guitar and sing for the occasion.

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Brook and Yamato could work together to entertain the crew. Clearly, Brook would be the musician he always was. Yamato might take this opportunity to resurrect Oden’s infamous song and dance. Originally, Orochi had him perform naked in the streets, making it one of his biggest disgraces. Yamato, with help from Brook, was able to rework the performance and change its meaning to something positive, even empowering.

Also, Brook would naturally ask to see Yamato’s panties like he does with all women. Yamato might reveal that she only wears a fundoshi. Brook may or may not be in it.

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Jimbei is another Straw Hats member with a close connection to Ace. The way they first met Ace is even similar, until Ace wanted to fight an Emperor. If he ever caught Yamato and Luffy sharing sake and reminiscing about Ace, he could sit down and join them.

Jimbei might also have some advice for Yamato on how to fight discrimination. She is not a fish-man, but it is implied that whatever race causes her to have horns, she is not human. If people treat her differently for that, Jimbei will know what to say.

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