Sfumato candle designed with architectural and pictorial inspiration from Da Vinci

Details of the Sfumato candle

Lighting scented candles not only brightens the environment. It offers several advantages, whether for ceremonial or decorative purposes. There is no doubt that candles provide aesthetic value and fragrance to create a pleasant ambience in an otherwise drab environment.

Candles are known for their soothing effect on the body and mind. They help create a peaceful environment, which makes them conducive to health and sanity. The Sfumato candle is a product design that makes the candle, a simple object, more beautiful than ever while helping you relax and unwind.

Creator: Kegan McDaniel

Sfumato candle design

The Sfumato candle throws architectural inspiration into the design. The results are interesting visuals, as shown in this unique container for perfumes. Sfumato candle is made of cast concrete, which can be a strong home decoration. The concrete finish mirrors stone, which is often used in architecture.

Sfumato candle design concept

The word “Sfumato” means “to evaporate like smoke”. The designer learned the term from a book about Leonardo da Vinci. Sfumato was a special technique used by Leonardo da Vinci in painting. The artist used it to blur the edges of objects to soften the focus. This then gave the illusion of aerial perspective and realism. Designer Kegan McDaniel loved the word and thought it would make a fantastic brand name.

Sfumato Candle Colors Perfumes

The designer worked on different scents for the concept candle. Three flavors are available: Tuscan fields, Amalfi citrus and Sicilian sage. These candles also exist in different colors depending on the fragrance: green, yellow and red. The use of Italian regions for the name of the perfumes is a reference to the country of origin of Leonardo da Vinci.

Sfumato Candle

Kegan McDaniel is not new to our radar as we have seen and enjoyed his previous designs. The ARUS drone, aka the Dronut, gave us a good laugh. The Aged & Ore travel carafe has become a real product, allowing you to enjoy your favorite cocktails or spirits wherever your journey takes you. His Nike X Crocs shoe concept made us wish it went into production even though the pair looked weird to many.

When it comes to candles, there have been plenty of models that we found interesting. Spiral Light candles can burn for 40 hours with their spiral shaped wick. The infinity candle from over ten years ago was designed to make another candle while it burns. You see, candles are centuries old, but they will never go away. Candle innovations will be introduced as long as there are people exercising their creativity to create something new and beautiful.

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