Stone Cladding: 5 Best Stone Wall Cladding Options

Although it almost always looks exactly like solid stone, stone cladding is usually just a refined layer of natural or man-made stone. This layer is applied to a non load-bearing wall and will give the impression that the wall is made of solid stone.

Cladding in general is the simple practice of layering materials for better thermal insulation, better weather protection, or aesthetic appeal – as is often the case with stone cladding. Probably the most common type of siding is wood plank siding, of which there are several types such as fiber cement, aluminum, vinyl, and wood, to name a few. Learn about common types of Weatherboard siding and what it can do for you. here.

Stone cladding in particular is a great option for transforming interior or exterior walls. It is suitable for both new construction and renovation since it simply covers the existing walls. The category encompasses many types of stone, including granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, quartz, and slate.

There are two main styles of stone cladding: cladding panels (easy installation – best suited for machine split textured designs) or individual slip veneer (can be customized to wall dimensions, looks more authentic, harder to install and more expensive).

Stone cladding is one of the more expensive cladding materials, so it may not be the right choice for those on an extremely strict budget. Including installation prices, stone veneer will cost between $230 and $310 per square meter depending on the type of stone you purchase.


For those who like the look of stone but cannot afford the authenticity of natural stone materials, you might want to consider stone tiles instead. The main thing to consider when considering installing stone cladding is your budget; it will determine the type, volume and quality of stone material you can purchase.

Stone coating is a complicated process with several stages that is best done by professionals. You may be able to DIY if you have experience installing stone cladding, but for the hobbyist this is definitely a process to be left to the proper contractors. Improperly installed stone cladding systems deteriorate much faster, can be hazardous to building occupants, and could even compromise the structural integrity of the building.

Stone Wall Cladding Design Ideas: Top 5

5. Exterior stone cladding – Facade

Stone cladding has a number of practical benefits outdoors as well as its supreme aesthetic appeal. Particular benefits of exterior stone cladding include; it’s durable, versatile, low maintenance and sure to increase the value of your home.

Eco Outdoor offers a wide range of natural stone cladding materials with easy application to all suitable surfaces. Their dry stone wall, pictured above, is particularly beautiful as it has a natural, rugged elegance reminiscent of authentic Italian farmhouses. You can browse their huge range here, from Alpine stone options to Baw Baw to Jindera. Request a quote for a price estimate.

4. Interior Stone Cladding – Feature Wall


A feature wall is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a natural stone aesthetic without having to go through the expensive process of remodeling your entire home.


Stone walls bring the rustic and simplicity of natural living into your home while allowing for the luxury of modern living.


They can be accented with shelves displaying pictures or plants, or if you really want to emphasize the mix of nature and modern, you can even choose to mount your TV on the feature wall.


There are many styles, colors and textures available. The image above is a collage of some of the coating samples available from Stone and Rock. Browse their extensive range here or you can visit their showrooms in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

3. Fireplace


Leaning into the rustic mountain lodge feel of a stone clad wall will create a beautiful natural experience that will remind you of simpler times. A fireplace wall is the perfect way to do this, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.


Veneer stone is a popular choice for fireplace stone wall cladding and their designs are all inspired by native Australian stone. Veneer Stone is an Australian company whose coatings are exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Perth.


You can browse their beautiful gallery of feature wall images for inspiration here or contact for a quote.

2. Bathroom


The bathroom is a great opportunity to bring in raw materials in contrast to the pristine tiles and smooth surfaces of typical contemporary bathrooms.


Because bathrooms are often quite small compared to the rest of the house, it’s also an opportunity for those on a tight budget to add a touch of elegance to their home without breaking the bank, because the tiles of stone are perfect for use in the bathroom as they can be easily sealed and waterproofed.


It is also available in abundance. You can purchase the Gioi Greige Stack Matt porcelain tile featured above for just $55 per square meter. Installing stone look tiles is much easier than veneer or genuine stone and you will likely be able to save money on a contractor as it can be a DIY project.

1. Living room


The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house and the room your guests are likely to see the most. A stone wall is a breathtaking addition to any living room and will make it easier to connect with your guests as it represents a desire to return to a simpler, less technological era.


Luxe Interiors is particularly known for its skill in styling stone wall coverings with elegant rustic colors and furnishings. Browse their galleries here.


Aussietecture is also a high quality supplier of interior and exterior stone. You can purchase the natural sandstone cladding pictured above here for $105 per square meter (currently on sale) or browse their natural stone wall gallery for more options.

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