Stone painting idea takes off with around 100 people remaining in Staffordshire Park


Michelle and Rod Woodward and their children Olivia and Joshua painted stones to be placed in a park behind Sutherland Road

Six and five year old Olivia and Joshua decided to paint stones after being challenged by Glenthorne Elementary School to help spread kindness.

Today, stone collecting in the park off Sutherland Road has increased dramatically – with people sharing messages of friendship, support or thanks to key workers along the way.

Michelle Woodward, Olivia and Joshua’s mother, said: “We painted some pretty stones and it really took off – I think there is a lot more than we think because every day we go by and there is has more.

“It was really great because on the local community groups on Facebook a lot of people talked about it.

“They posted their photos of their kids laying their stones – people thank the local stores, the post office and things like that.

“We are so proud and everything has been so beautiful – it has been a focal point for the village.”


The park was chosen because the kids wanted it to be a special surprise for their grandmother, who walks past the space every morning.

The family – including Father Rod – added a sign asking people to place a stone after the first stone was laid.

The young people, who pass through the park every day as part of their daily exercise, enjoyed seeing the stone path getting longer and longer.

And now people are looking for ways to help make the stones a permanent part of the park.

“We still can’t believe the magnitude of what the kids have started, but their father and I couldn’t be more proud of them,” added the 35-year-old.

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