The 10 Best One Piece Supporting Characters, Ranked

A piece has a colorful and adorable main cast, the Straw Hat Pirate crew. Many fans wish they could be part of the crew and serve under the goofy but incredibly strong captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

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Part of what makes A piece so its secondary characters are often just as interesting and memorable. They could be villains bent on nefarious goals or innocent bystanders caught up in their plans, or they could be fellow pirates the Straw Hats encounter on their many adventures. Whatever their affiliation, A piece has some of the best supporting characters in anime.

ten Wyper is a powerful and willful warrior

Wyper was introduced during the Skypeia Arc. As the strongest warrior in the Shandia tribe, Wyper was one of the first characters to prove that you don’t have to have devil fruit abilities to be a formidable opponent.

As a descendant of the Great Warrior Kalgara, he has enhanced strength and stamina, which was shown when he was able to use a Reject Dial multiple times and survive. He fights fiercely, driven by his love for his people, and he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for his goals.

9 Queen is a very entertaining cyborg

Queen is a star of the Beasts Pirates. Called “The Plague”, he is one of the strongest of his crew and is able to transform into a brachiosaurus thanks to eating the Ryu Ryu no Mi.

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Along with his superb fighting skills, Queen is a skilled engineer and inventor. He has modified his body to include improved weapons and other features, and these updates extend to his brachiosaurus form as well. With his interesting physique and lively personality, he never fails to entertain on screen.

8 Dalton can transform into a mighty bison

Dalton is the elected ruler of the Sakura Kingdom. Beloved by his subjects, he entered the role after the former ruler, Wapol, abandoned the kingdom. He fought alongside the Straw Hats to free Drum Island from Wapol’s clutches.

Dalton has a strong sense of honor and duty but prefers to live in town rather than at the castle. After eating the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Dalton can transform into a bison or bison-hybrid. This greatly increases his physical strength and speed, which serves him well in battle.

7 Buggy still provides much-needed comic relief

Buggy the Clown is a recurring character who reliably provides comic relief. Using the power of the Bara Bara no Mi, Buggy can conceal and reassemble his body, an ability useful for dodging attacks. He can also control his body parts from a distance and use them to attack.

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Initially one of the first antagonists Luffy encounters in the series, he later becomes an ally of the Straw Hats. Although notoriously weak, he somehow stumbles to become one of the Seven Warlords due to circumstances and luck.

6 Sengoku is a sailor of memorable complexity

Sengoku is an Inspector General and former Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Although he has a strong sense of justice and despises all pirates – making him an enemy of the Straw Hats – he is a complex character who has doubts about the world government, especially after the war at the top. of Marineford.

With his afro, braided goatee, and seagull cap, Sengoku is as memorable for his design as he is for his love for his pet goat. Called Sengoku the Buddha, his Devil Fruit ability allows him to transform into a massive golden Buddha.

5 Zeff is a pirate turned selfless leader

As head chef of the famous floating restaurant Baratie, Zeff is well known for his cooking skills. Before founding Baratie, however, he was the captain of the Cook Pirates. As a pirate, he produced powerful kicking attacks, earning the name “Red-Leg Zeff”.

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Fans best remember Zeff for selflessly sacrificing his leg to save a young Sanji from drowning. When the two were stranded together, he gave all their food to Sanji. He then adopted the boy, becoming the father figure Sanji never had.

4 Boa Hancock is a powerful warrior and seductress

Boa Hancock, the captain of the Kuja Pirates, is a fan-favorite character. While she was first introduced as an antagonist in the Amazon Lily Arc, she soon fell head over heels in love with Luffy and became his ally.

Hancock is a skilled warrior and a strong leader. Her Devil Fruit ability allows her to turn anyone attracted to her into stone. As a beautiful seductress, she is able to use her power on almost anyone, and she also uses her beauty to manipulate others into doing whatever she wants.

3 Dr. Kureha is an iconic doctor and adoptive mother

Dr. Kureha, Tony Tony Chopper’s adoptive mother, works as a doctor on Drum Island. After Hiriluk’s death, she trained Chopper in medicine and grew fond of him. She is a qualified doctor and takes her profession seriously.

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Kureha stands out for her iconic style and aggressive yet loving personality. Although she is over 100 years old, she is extremely fit and wears low rise pants, brightly colored crop tops and a belly button ring. Often described as a witch, she quickly resorts to violence, especially when she is called an old woman.

2 Edward Newgate was a force of nature

Before his death, Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, was one of the most powerful pirates in A piece. With the Gura Gura no Mi, he could create highly destructive earthquakes and shockwaves to wipe out a multitude of enemies at once. His abilities could shatter the earth itself.

A charismatic leader and strategic genius, Whitebeard loved his crew deeply and treated each member as his child. This, coupled with his strong sense of morality and mind-boggling strength, made him a force to be reckoned with.

1 Gaimon is a ridiculous but hilarious secondary character

Gaimon is one of the weirdest characters the Straw Hats have encountered. The former pirate somehow got stuck inside a treasure chest after arriving on the island of rare animals. Instead of finding a way out of this predicament, he resigned himself to his fate. He eventually grew a shrub-like afro, complementing his quirky appearance.

Fans can’t help but love Gaimon, his treasure-loving ways, and his friendships with the animals on the island. Additionally, Eiichiro Oda said that Gaimon is his favorite character.

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