Viral video: Karnataka youth slips and falls while climbing stone wall at Srinivasa Sagara Dam

As locals crowd the popular Srinivasa Sagara Dam attraction in Karnataka, one youngster’s journey ended on a sad note as he was badly injured after falling from the dam wall. Now, as video of the accident goes viral, people are asking for measures to ensure such incidents are avoided in the future.

The incident happened at the scenic spot in Chikkaballapura district, 70 km from Bangalore. A video circulating the internet shows a daring 25-year-old man in a brown shirt climbing the stone wall without a harness or safety helmet. But soon, with the water flowing, he loses his grip and is seen falling about 30 feet.

Eyewitnesses are heard screaming in fear as his friends rush to help him. They slowly turn it over and try to lift it. However, the video shows him struggling to stand.

The unidentified youngster suffered serious injuries after the fall and was taken to hospital for treatment.

[Disclaimer: Distressing visuals, viewers’ discretion is advised]

Watch the video here:

Police sources said The Indian Express no cases have yet been recorded. As many young people climb the stone wall to take selfies and photos, a police officer has been deployed to the site.

While many people on social media suggested putting up a railing near the dam to prevent people from climbing the wall, others called for tougher measures or fines.

Previously, a similar incident occurred in China, where a the stunt went wrong and a man was filmed sliding down a fast flowing stream and hitting a bed of rocks.

with contributions from ENS, Bangalore

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