400-year-old Dutch master painting discovered in Australian reserve

The “Still Life” painting before it underwent restoration treatment. Credit: National Trust of Australia

CAIRO – April 24, 2022: A 400-year-old Dutch master painting that experts say could be worth millions of dollars has been discovered in a warehouse in Australia.

The artwork titled “Still Life” was kept in the storerooms of the Woodford Academy Museum for many years.

The valuable 17th-century Dutch Golden Age painting was revealed among a collection of 60,000 pieces after the building and its contents were donated to the Australian National Trust, CNN reported.

“This is a rare and extremely exciting moment,” Julian Bickersteth, project coordinator and CEO of International Conservation Services, the company undertaking the restoration work, said in a press release on Sunday.

The painting depicts a table with a white tablecloth covered with food consisting of a chopped pie, nuts, a bun, a silver cup and glasses.

The work is attributed to Gerrit Willemsz, considered one of the great masters of the Dutch Golden Age. However, experts are still investigating the origins of the “Still Life”.

Experts say the painting was previously bought for $30, but is now believed to be worth $10 million. A spokeswoman for the fund said the artwork’s value was still being assessed, but experts believe it could be worth millions of Australian dollars.

It should be noted that the still life is one of the main genres of Western art. The subject of a still life painting or sculpture is anything that is not moving or is dead. It can be artificial or natural.

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