One Piece: Every Straw Hat’s Smartest Idea

With the latest reveal that the upcoming Japanese RPG One Piece Odyssey the 2022 release will feature turn-based combat as one of its combat mechanics, fans of both A play and classic RPGs are thrilled with this ambitious undertaking.

For fans who are caught up in the series and want more A playespecially with an extended hiatus after the conclusion of the Wano arc, this game will be a great diversion until the series resumes. One Piece Odyssey will hopefully serve as a reminder of the Straw Hat crew’s cleverest ideas and exploits in the series.


Jinbe – Straw Hat Alliance with the Fire Tank Pirates

One Piece Fire Chariot Pirates

Jinbe proved to be a highly skilled and intelligent strategist, earning the title of Shichibukai or “Warlord of the Sea” before the group disbanded. His excellent tactical decisions got the Straw Hats out of tight spots where they couldn’t think of a proper solution.

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Arguably Jinbe’s smartest decision was to convince Luffy and Sanji to ally with Capone Bege’s Fire Tank Pirates, giving them a much better chance of escaping Whole Cake Island and Big Mom, one of the A playthe most powerful villains. Knowing that Luffy and Sanji would continue to argue over the escape plans, Jinbe’s interjection allowed the entire Straw Hat crew to escape safely.

Sanji – Law Intentions

One Piece Sanji and Law

During the Punk Hazard arc where the crew was pitted against Caesar Clown, the Straw Hats learned that Caesar had developed the fake Devil Fruit SMILE, which mimics the powers of some existing Devil Fruits. When the crew sails to Dressrosa where they learn of Doflamingo’s connection to SMILE, the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates of Trafalgar D. Law form an alliance.

Sanji’s ability to guess a person’s true intentions after spending time with them gave him the ability to detect deception in others. After noticing that Law’s actions did not coincide with the alliance’s plans, he was able to take action which saved Law’s life after attacking Doflamingo’s crew fueled by rage.

Luffy – Intuition of Crocodile Weakness

One Piece Luffy vs Crocodile

Luffy has never been someone to rely on for his wits, preferring to get out of sticky situations with goofy but effective tactics. Although he has his rare moments of genius, they usually occur during the fights he has thrown around while trying to work out clever solutions to the problems he faces.

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One of Luffy’s most inspired moments occurs during his fight with the crocodile Shichibukai during the climax of the Alabasta arc. While in the desert country of Alabasta, Crocodile held a significant advantage with his Devil Fruit, the Suna Suna no Mi or Sand Sand Fruit. Luffy won the fight by deducing that by covering Crocodile in water he would be unable to transform and would be vulnerable to Luffy’s powerful attacks.

Brook – Using his head (literally)

One Piece Brook Open Head Poneglyph

Brook is a veteran pirate whose journey began and ended decades before the Straw Hats. Trapped in Florian’s Triangle, Brook died along with his crew, though he was revived sometime later by his Yomi Yomi no Mi or Revive Revive Fruit, potentially A playis the most ridiculous devil fruit, as a “living” skeleton. Brook’s unique body has led Oda to create a wide range of skeleton jokes and gags.

Although Brook has always shown himself to be an intelligent crew member, many of his greatest intellectual triumphs have come from working in tandem with others. However, using his unique constitution, Brook came up with the clever idea of ​​storing copies of the Poneglyph they stole from Big Mom inside his skull as a unique and hilarious way to protect them when he was captured by Big Mom.

Zoro – Training with the enemy

One Piece Zoro Hawk Mihawk Eyes

Zoro, like his captain, prefers to throw a punch first, then throw another later. His simplistic views, itch for a good fight, and horrible sense of direction have made him known as someone not to be relied upon to create a cohesive plan.

Frustrated with the power gap shown to him during the Marineford War arc, Zoro made the surprising decision to seek swordsmanship training from the world’s greatest swordsman and Straw Hat nemesis, Dracule. “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk, one of the most powerful warlords in the world. A play. Zoro’s surprisingly adult decision to ask Mihawk for directions is the greatest display of wisdom Zoro has ever had.

Usopp – Kabuto and Clima-tact

One Piece Usopp Kabuto Nami Clima-tact

With below average to average strength at best, Usopp’s combat abilities stem from his sharpshooting abilities which he displays with his masterful use of a slingshot. As the story progresses, Usopp’s tactical abilities expand as he continually unveils increasingly powerful weapons he creates with a vast array of effects.

Usopp Kabuto’s sling, Kuro Kabuto, and the many versions of Nami’s weather-manipulating Clima-tact were all developed and manufactured by Usopp. His weapons single-handedly transformed Nami and himself into some of the most technically efficient fighters in the crew. Not to mention, Usopp is never satisfied and often rearranges weapons into considerably stronger versions.

Chopper – Rumble Ball

One Piece Chopper Rumble Ball

Tony Tony Chopper is the Straw Hats’ doctor who studied science and medicine for years under his former mentor and family member, Dr. Kureha. Chopper has shown his medical knowledge and experience time and time again by keeping the Straw Hats alive and healthy, as well as solving many medical and disease-related crises.

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While Chopper was originally able to use his Devil Fruit to take on 3 different forms, he was unhappy with the level of help he could provide. Chopper then developed the Rumble Ball, a drug which, while dangerous, allowed him to add more transformations to his repertoire, allowing him to manipulate his Devil Fruit more than anyone else in the series.

Nami – Sailing the Grand Line

One Piece Nami Sailing Sunny

Nami serves as the Straw Hat’s navigator as most of the members, especially Zoro, have little sense of direction and even less skill to properly navigate a ship. Nami’s cartographic and navigational skills were so advanced that the pirate Arlong did everything he could to force Nami to work for him by threatening the lives of his entire village in one of the A playthe most tragic stories.

The Grand Line is known as potentially the toughest test of a sailor’s skill. Depending on the day, time and route chosen, the waters of the Grand Line can experience drastic changes. Nami’s ability to not only navigate the waters safely, but also navigate the predicted locations with precision has cemented her as one of the best navigators of all. A play.

Franky – The Sunny Mile

One Piece Thousand Sunny

Franky is a genius cyborg and engineer who always seems to develop another wacky and surprisingly useful invention, either for the benefit of the crew or as modifications for his own body. His constant clever solutions make the anticipation of his next invention all the sweeter.

Franky is credited with creating the current Straw Hat ship The Thousand Sunny and its hundreds of clever innovations and quirks. While the creation of the ship was incredible on its own, his choice to create the ship out of wood from the Adam Treasure Tree was ingenious. Not only did this make it much more durable than regular wood, but its immense strength also proved essential during the many times the Sunny came under attack.

Robin – Learn to read poneglyphs

One Piece Robin Poneglyph

Robin is by leaps and bounds the smartest of all the Straw Hats. Her exceptional skills in learning and absorbing information led her to be seen as a credible threat to the World Government from the age of 8. His skills were so great that even rival scholars who had decades of experience and research were easily surpassed by Robin.

One of Robin’s greatest personal accomplishments was when she taught herself to read the almost impossible to decipher poneglyphs. The poneglyphs, represented by large tablets of stone, collectively hold lost information about the Void Age, which potentially holds damning evidence of the wrongdoings of World Government. Her rare ability to read them has led to her being hunted by rival pirate crews and the Marines who wish to use her skills or kill her if she refuses.

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