Where is Kaido from One Piece hiding his Road Poneglyph?

Each of the A piece‘s Road Poneglyphs details a specific location which, when combined with the other three, will point to the location of the last island in the Grandline, Laugh Tale. The Straw Hats already have two Road Poneglyph rubs, and by the end of the “Wano” arc, they’ll have found a third. Somewhere on Wano, Kaido hid his Road Poneglyph – but where?

Gol D. Roger and his crew were the first to reach Laugh Tale in 800 years. They collected a rubbing of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph, then one of the now-defunct Road Poneglyph on Fishman Island, before collecting the final two rubbings on Wano and Zou. The Straw Hats have already collected Zou’s and Big Mom’s, and now that they are close to defeating Kaido, they are forced to find his piece of the puzzle. They just have to find it first.

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The location of his Road Poneglyph has been kept secret since it was first revealed on Wano in Chapter 967. Kaido didn’t even tell his new ally Big Mom when she asked. The obvious answer is that it’s hidden on Onigashima. It’s Kaido’s stronghold, so it would be safer on the small island. Trafalgar Law already found a poneglyph in the second basement in Chapter 996, and although readers have already seen most of Onigashima Island during the raid, there may still be hidden pieces left. to discover.

However, is there a possibility that the Road Poneglyph is not on Onigashima? Could he be hiding elsewhere on Wano? When Oden was traveling with the Roger Pirates, he returned home to acquire a rub of Wano’s Road Poneglyph. By then, Kaido and Orochi were already controlling Wano, turning it into the hell it is today, but Oden was still able to acquire the Friction without issue and quickly left afterward. There was no mention of a clash or issues with getting the rub. In fact, everything went so well that Oden left home without finding out that his father had died and Orochi was the new Shogun.

This means it’s unlikely the Road Poneglyph was on Onigashima at the time – otherwise Oden would have gone straight there and found the Beast Pirates. The poneglyph couldn’t be in the Flower Capital either. If Oden entered the castle or even the capital itself, someone would have spotted him. If one of Orochi’s men did, he might have been attacked, and if the townspeople saw him, they would reveal the true nature of what is happening to Wano.

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Clearly, then, the Road Poneglyph was in an easily accessible location for Oden – perhaps his own Kuri region? He landed on a beach where his vassals were waiting, so it’s possible this is his own territory; it may have been in Udon where the arms factory is. When Oden has his back to Wano, readers see the Udon Chimneys in the distance, so it’s possible that’s where he’s hiding. Alternatively, manga creator Oda could link the location to the start of the “Wano” arc and have the Road Poneglyph hidden in the destroyed Amigasa Village – the first location Tama showed Luffy. Kaido could have moved the Poneglpyh in the 20+ years since Oden came looking for it, but it would be interesting if the Red Stone was hidden somewhere no one would expect.

With the end of the “Wano” arc, the true location of the Road Poneglyph will likely be revealed soon. Although Onigashima is the most likely hiding place, it is not yet definitive. After all, Oda has always been a difficult author to predict.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, April 24.

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