One Piece: Zoro’s 10 Greatest Achievements, Ranked


Roronoa Zoro is the Straw Hat Pirates’ swordsman and he joined Luffy on his journey to become the Pirate King in Shell’s Town. Zoro is an incredibly talented fighter who always has his captain’s back.

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A master of the three-sword style, Zoro aims to become the strongest swordsman in the world, and to achieve this goal he has trained his mind and body and made incredible progress over the years. He has gained a great reputation in the world of A play as a master swordsman and accomplished things normal pirates can’t even dream of.

ten Roronoa Zoro managed to earn Mihawk’s respect

Mihawk stops Zoro with a puny knife

Zoro left his Dojo in Shimotsuki village to hunt down Dracule Mihawk and become the most powerful swordsman by defeating him. Finally, the two paths crossed on Baratie and as expected, Zoro was humiliated in the fight. Despite a crushing loss to Mihawk, Zoro was able to earn his respect by showing off his fearlessness and samurai manner.

It was because of this quality of him that Mihawk let him live and told him to get stronger and, someday, overcome him.

9 Zoro survived Luffy’s pain on Thriller Bark

Luffy's Pain from Zoro Take

After Luffy’s fight against Oars and Gecko Moria, he passed out but another calamity in the form of Bartholomew Kuma presented itself to fight the Straw Hats. Zoro rose to the challenge head-on but ultimately lost. Instead of Luffy’s life, however, he offered his own.

Zoro was then ordered from Kuma to endure all of Luffy’s pain, which was enough to kill him. As expected from Zoro, he accepted the challenge and although he survived, he remained in very poor physical condition.

8 Roronoa Zoro defeated Pica from the Don Quixote pirates

Zoro uses Haki to slash Pica

Pica was one of the antagonists of the Dressrosa arc of A play. As one of Doflamingo’s strongest men, Pica was a threat to anyone in combat and also proves to be a challenge for Zoro, mainly due to his ability to assimilate to stone.

Using Orlumbus’ help, Zoro was able to corner Pica in the air and defeat him with a sword blow. Defeating an officer like Pica was certainly a great accomplishment for Zoro.

7 Roronoa Zoro won a 320 million berry bounty

Since defeating Pica was a huge achievement for Zoro, and Luffy took out Doflamingo soon after, Zoro earned a huge bounty increase.

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His bounty before the events of Dressrosa was 120 million berries and when the Straw Hat Pirates received new bounty posters his bounty increased to 320 million berries. After taking full control of Haki and gaining strength, Zoro deserved his bounty.

6 Zoro managed to defeat Kamazo The Manslayer

In a play Wano Country arc, Roronoa Zoro faced off against Kamazo the Manslayer, who was actually Eustass Kid’s right-hand man, Killer. The killer was reduced to a shell of himself by Orochi and also force-fed a SMILE Devil Fruit. Making Orochi’s offer to save his captain, he met Zoro and the two fought an exciting battle.

Zoro was finally able to defeat him with a Rengoku Onigiri, however, if Killer had been himself this battle would have been much more difficult for Zoro.

5 Zoro managed to take control of the Meito Enma

Towards the end of Wano’s second act, Roronoa Zoro had to bring Shusui back to Wano country. In return, Kozuki Hiyori presented him with one of his father’s two swords, Kozuki Oden, known as Enma.

This sword is extremely powerful, but not everyone can tame it. Meeting the challenge, Zoro managed to tame Enma and use him to grow stronger. With this sword, Zoro could tap into his Ryou and gain more powerful attacks, such as those capable of injuring Kaido.

4 Roronoa Zoro managed to block Hakai for a second

Zoro was one of five characters who took on Big Mom and Kaido on the rooftop of Onigashima in the Wano Country arc. As expected of the two Yonkos, they didn’t hold back against the Worst Generation and at one point launched a wave of Haki, called Ocean Sovereignty, towards them.

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Zoro put his life on the line for the good of the Alliance and blocked it for a second, which was enough for the other members to get to safety. Sadly, Zoro broke about 30 bones because of it, but it was quite an achievement nonetheless.

3 Roronoa Zoro saved his captain from Yonko Kaido

One Piece Kaido

The Worst Generation on the roof covered each other well and Zoro, part of Luffy’s crew, had the responsibility of protecting his captain. When danger arrived, Zoro didn’t hesitate and in an attempt to protect his captain, who had passed out, he managed to accidentally exploit Conqueror’s use of Haki.

By coating his blade there, he was able to slice Kaido and earn some of his respect in the process.

2 Roronoa Zoro could stand up to the king of wildfires

King in his normal and devil fruit forms

Zoro is an exceptionally powerful character who had only recently met his equal in history. After his loss to Kaido, he was cured using a Mink drug which offered super recovery for a limited time. After recovering, Zoro faced King the Wildfire in battle and eventually met his equal.

As expected, King proved to be as strong as other Yonko commanders, such as Katakuri. Obviously, Zoro struggled to face King in battle. The fight is still going on but Zoro will certainly emerge victorious at the end of the day.

1 Zoro succeeded in scar Yonko Kaido permanently

Perhaps Zoro’s biggest achievement so far in history is being able to scare Yonko Kaido. By accidentally coating his blade with Conqueror’s Haki, Zoro was able to injure Kaido using his Dead Man’s Game technique and leave a scar on his chest. After Kozuki Oden, Zoro became the first man to mark Kaido.

Although Zoro wanted to do more, he didn’t have the courage to take Kaido or even bring him to his knees. Either way, he earned Kaido’s respect and protected Luffy by doing so.

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