All painting puzzle solutions and rewards in Elden Ring

One of the best things to explore in Ring of Elden it’s that you never know what you’re going to come across. You can wander through a hidden dungeon, be ambushed by a boss, or find a hidden NPC. There’s so much to discover that makes exploration rewarding at every turn, but there’s one discovery you might find that will leave you completely bewildered. At various locations in the Lands Between, you’ve probably found at least one Artist’s Shack, or maybe one of the paintings in other obscure locations. At these specific locations are landscape paintings that you can collect, but you no longer receive any information on why or what they are for, other than vague directions to try and locate these locations.

These paintings are among the most obscure enigmas of Ring of Elden. Each of the seven paintings you can find represents a very specific location somewhere in the open world. If you manage to figure out where this place is and go there, you will get very valuable rewards. By now, however, we all know how much the world of Ring of Elden is really what can make locating a single location impossible. If you’re feeling confused by any or all of these painting puzzles, here’s where you need to go to solve them all by Ring of Elden.

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Homing Instinct Paint Location and Solution

We will go in order of the paintings you should naturally come across as you progress Ring of Elden based on zone progress because, chances are you missed most of it. The first is located not too far from the main path in Limgrave in the first Artist’s Shack. To find it, walk along the eastern side of the canyon north of Lake Agheel. You’ll have to go off the road a bit to find the lone shack with the painting inside. Interact with him to start the puzzle.

The place Homing Instinct is pointing to is in the very southwest. Start by going to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and go a bit north towards the Cave of Knowledge. Along the way, you will pass a cemetery where you will have to stop. Find the large arch that the painting showed and you will see the ghostly artist standing near the tombs. Interact with him and you’ll get the Casting Beetle Helmet.

Prophecy Painting location and walkthrough

A ghost sitting on a cliff.

Your next painting is inside Stormveil Castle, but can only be accessed after defeating the boss Margit, the Fell Omen. Before you get to Godrick the Transplant, you’ll reach the Lifteside Chamber Grace Site. Go south into the large open courtyard with tons of enemies. On the right side is a door leading to a chapel or library where the painting stands out among the other furniture. Collect it to start the prophecy puzzle.

The place you need to find is quite far from here, far south on the Weeping Peninsula. Fast travel to the Pilgrimage Church and go straight north up the cliff. Near the tip, you’ll spot the apparition relaxing in a chair overlooking the view. Interact with them and collect your reward, which this time is the Warhawk Ashes.

Resurrection painting location and walkthrough

A map of a castle.

Once you’ve passed through or around Stormveil Castle and into Liurnia of the Lakes, we need to find the next Artist Hut. This one is along the eastern landmass, which you can travel to via the northern grace site of the Liurnia Highway. Drive up, past the Carian Study Hall a bit, and you’ll find the hut not too far from a Leyndell Knight. Head inside to get the resurrection painting.

The place you need to find is also in Liurnia, more precisely in Caria Manor. This location is very high on the northeast side of the area in the Three Sisters region. The closest Grace Site is the location behind Caria Mansion and also requires you to go through the mansion and beat the boss, Royal Knight Loretta, so make sure you’ve done that or are ready to do it. After the battle, take the path east into a graveyard and find the ghost facing the direction of the Academy or Raya Lucaria. This one will give you the Juvenile Scholar Outfit and a Larval Tear.

Redmane Paint Location and Solution

A map of Caelid.

Not only is this painting one of the hardest to find, but the solution is also likely to baffle even the most observant explorers. Ring Elden, and even get killed multiple times if you’re not careful. The painting is in Caelid at La Sellia, City of Witchcraft. Go to the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace and climb the stairs, hang to the right and examine the rubble to the left or east. This painting is tucked away, somehow unscathed, under a still-standing stone archway. Sneak up on it and start the Redmane puzzle.

To reach this painter’s ghost, you’ll need to put on your platform shoes. First, go to the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace, a dangerous area to reach thanks to all the dragons. From this checkpoint, head east to Minor Erdree north of Fort Faroth. Along the cliff near the tree are a pile of giant broken pots. Follow along the cliff until you see a root sticking out of the cliff. There’s a series of them that you have to fall very carefully, which is best done on foot for accuracy rather than torrenting. If that’s not enough, once you reach solid ground, a giant will be waiting for you. Take it out very carefully, or sneak past the painter’s ghost hanging around the edge of the cliff looking towards Redmane Castle in the distance. He will give you the Ash of War rain of arrows.

Flightless bird painting location and solution

A map indicating the village of the windmill.

Much easier after last time, the Flightless Bird painting can be found inside Leyndell, Royal Capital. Teleport to Grace’s site from the first floor of the fortified mansion and the painting is in the same room. This is an easily overlooked grace site, so if you didn’t catch it the first time, you can find it by starting at the Western Capital Rampart Grace Site and down the alley to the North. Once through, take a door on your left and down. Just follow the path and you will reach this site of grace and painting at the same time.

This painting will take you out of the capital and to the site of Grace of Windmill Heights, which is at the northern end of Windmill Village, itself north of Leyndell, Royal Capital. If this is your first time visiting this somewhat off-the-beaten-track area, a Godskin Apostle will spawn where the site of grace is, so you’ll have to deal with that. Once defeated, wander around the eerily peaceful, if quite unsettling, town south of the cliff behind the houses. The ghost will have set up his chair here and interacting with it will give you the fire deadly sin incantation.

Champion’s Song Paint Location and Solution

A map of the royal capital of Elden Ring.

After ascending the Altus Plateau, you’ll need to reach the tricky optional mini-dungeon called The Shaded Castle. You will have to take the long way to reach this area, through the valley and under the bridge, as there is no way down if you stick to the higher roads in the area. Once you’ve done that, hit the Shady Castle Ramparts Grace Site on the southeast side of the castle first, then start heading northeast. You’ll find a collapsing wall and a path down along a fallen pillar to the poison yard, but don’t go down. Instead, to the east, you’ll see a wooden walkway leading to stairs. Take them and they will guide you to this beautiful Champion’s Song board.

This spectral painter is still on the plateau of Altus. Travel to the Rampartside Road Grace Site and begin traveling east until you hit a thunderstorm hitting the ground. From this point, climb the cliff to where you fought or will soon fight the Ancient Dragon Lansseax right next to the location of the Tomb of the Sacred Hero. On the northwest tip of the cliff, you can finally find the deceased painter and receive the harp bow from it.

Wizard Paint Location and Solution

A map of the top of Giant's Mountain.

The latest painting puzzle in Ring of Elden is locked until you can enter the peaks of the giants. Once you enter this snowy area, explore forward until you come to the Grace site of Castle Sol’s main gate. From there, enter the castle and take the first left between the defences, either fighting off the two giant lions or outrunning them for dear life, and take the next right up some stairs. Look for the room a bit further to the left which is full of slug enemies. Go inside and climb the ladder to the roof, follow the path. Move quickly here to avoid teleporting enemies and the massive ballista that shoots you with explosive bolts. You’ll eventually hit another ladder after crossing a bridge that will take you back to a safe room with the wizard’s painting inside.

This painter is on a bridge south of Castle Sol. Head to the Grace site of the frozen lake and head north, climb the cliff to the upper level and drive west until you see the huge stone bridge across the gorge at the above the frozen river near the Shack of the Lofty location on the map. Pass the first bridge you hit and take the second one just at the edge of the cliff. Ride halfway and take a break with the painter enjoying the frigid views of the winter wonderland. Interact with your last ghost and get the Greathood helmet.

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